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Ekko's Mask

Ekko's Mask

Ekko's mask from the tv series Arcane. Full-scale and wearable, sized to fit the average adult (head diameter of ~59cm) but can be scaled if necessary for a better fit.

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Processing times

Since everything is hand-made and made to order, items typically ship between 2-14 days depending on their complexity.

If you have a deadline and need expedited processing or shipping please reach out and we can get something arranged for you!


All props are sized canonically and scaled to fit the average adult.

Padding and straps can help secure the perfect fit and, if necessary, adjustments can be made to the scale of any item at no additional cost.

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For those who don't mind putting in some work and just need a foundation to start from. This is for the raw printed piece itself and will need some sanding and basic prep to be ready to paint. This will not include any straps or accessories unless explicitly noted. Props may come in more than one piece to make shipping and sanding easier.

How to sand and paint 3D prints ⟶



For when you want something nearly finished that you can paint yourself to make it truly one of a kind. This will come already sanded smooth and coated with a high-quality primer / sealer for a surface that will provide excellent adhesion for your finishing touches. Wet sanding through 3000 grit is available upon request.



The best way to get an effortless, con-ready piece in front of you. This is a fully finished, ready to go prop that has everything you need including visor inserts, padding, straps, motors, microcontrollers, and LEDs. Custom finishes, lighting, and other modifications are welcome, just shoot us a message with your ideas!