About Us

What makes you different?

We offer bespoke, hand-made cosplay props with an emphasis on quality and customer experience. Everything is made to order, painted in-house with high quality automotive grade paints, and checked for quality and consistency every step of the way.

Years of meticulous calibration and monthly maintenance means our printers produce smooth, sturdy parts and require substantially less work sanding and prepping for paint, and longer lasting parts.

Is my project too small? Or too big?

Of course not! There is no project or request too small, and there is no setup or minimum order fee. You're welcome to reach out to us just to get a cool set of a dice printed if that's what you want.

What printers do you use?

We absolutely love the Artillery Sidewinder X1 for it's build quality and reliability, and use them exclusively. They've all been modified with Bondtech BMG extruders, SKR 1.4 boards, TMC2209 stepper drivers, and Bltouch ABL to provide the cleanest prints possible.

Working with 3D prints

How do I care for my printed parts?

General Advice

  • Be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time, and avoid leaving them in places like a car on a hot summer day as this can potentially cause warping.
  • Melted plastic is not particularly food-safe, so please resist the urge to eat cereal out of your Mando helmet.
  • While you don't need to avoid water, try not to submerge your pieces or allow prolonged exposure to excessive wetness as it may absorb some of the moisture.
  • If you received a functional / mechanical part that was printed in PLA, note that it is not quite as resistant to friction and pressure as other materials and may wear out faster.

Cosplay Parts

  • PLA is strong and durable, but avoid testing it's durability by impacting things with your weapons or taking hits with your armor.
  • If your prop cracks or breaks, it can be repaired by simply gluing it back together with CA glue, or by using a soldering iron to 'weld' it back together.
  • You can slightly adjust the fit of a piece by very carefully heating it with a hair dryer until it's pliable and then gently bending it to fit your body.

What is the best way to sand or paint prints?

It's easier than you think! It can just be a little time consuming if you strive for perfection. We suggest you check out our guide, which provides a materials list and helpful pictures to guide you!

tl;dr – Grab some 150 / 220-grit sandpaper and some Rustoleum Primer-Filler. Start with the 150-grit and sand the bare print to knock down some of the layer lines and then hit it with a light coat of the Filler-Primer. From there just alternate between sanding with 220-grit sandpaper and a moderate coat of Filler-Primer, making sure to let the paint fully dry before sanding (about an hour).

Why are there little lines on my print?

Most 3D printers use a method called FDM, or Fused Deposition Modeling. This is where a spool of thin plastic filament is fed into a 200*C+ metal nozzle and the melted plastic is deposited layer by layer to build up a three-dimensional object. Because the object is built layer by layer, you will be able to see these layer lines in the finished piece, but they are typically very subtle.

Due to the nature of FDM printing small blemishes or imperfections may be present on your prints, though great care is put into removing these and they can be painted or sanded away quite easily.

Production, Shipping & Returns

How long will my order take?

Since everything is hand-made and made to order, items typically ship between 2-24 days depending on their complexity. If you have any questions at all about expedited shipping, ETAs, or anything else related to production time feel free to reach out and ask!

For example, if you purchase a raw print or small item it will most likely ship within 2-3 days. but If you were to purchase something like a fully finished cosplay set it could take up to a month to produce, paint, cure, and ship. We take tremendous pride in our work and set a high bar for quality and fit so we would rather things take a little longer to make sure we absolutely nail it.

If you have a deadline or need expedited processing or shipping please reach out and see what we can get arranged for you!

What carrier do you use?

When you go to check out you'll have a few options to choose from depending on how quickly you need your order, shipping cost, or simply carrier preference. We offer FedEx, UPS, and USPS but do not offer DHL because of their issues with reliability.

If you need expedited shipping or would like an alternative to what you see available just reach out and we'll get you exactly what you need!

Do you offer returns or exchanges?

Absolutely! You have 14 days after receiving your package to request a return for a full refund. If it's due to a mistake on our part like a wrong address, wrong part, poor quality, or a piece damaged in transit we will gladly replace or re-ship the order to make it right at no additional cost to you.

Exceptions: Customized cosplay parts are typically non-refundable unless they are defective, as we usually cannot re-sell them. This refers to things like major sizing adjustments, modification of the item's shape or colors, etc. If you have questions or need to return a custom order give us a chat and we'll let you know your options.

Let's get in touch!

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome! Call, text, or shoot us an email any time and we'll follow up with you within 24 hours (usually much quicker!).