Daft Punk - Thomas Bangalter

Thomas Bangalter's helmet from the electronic duo Daft Punk. Full-scale and wearable, sized to fit the average adult (head diameter of ~59cm) but can be scaled if necessary for a better fit. Includes the tinted visor with all finishes.


Made to order


Print: For those that don't mind putting in some work, but just need a foundation to start from. This is for the raw printed piece itself and will need some sanding and basic prep to be ready to paint. Save yourself a lot of time and work by getting the form and details already in front of you, ready to build upon. May come in more than one piece to make shipping and sanding easier.

Primed: For when you want something nearly done that you can paint yourself for a one-of-a-kind piece. This will come already sanded smooth, then coated with a high-quality grey primer for a surface that will provide excellent adhesion for your finishing touches.

Painted: Skip right to a perfect 'con-ready' piece to complete your cosplay. A fully finished, ready to go piece that includes straps to secure it to your head.